Organic Winery ‘Weingut Marienhof’ in Volkach

„Wine, Nature and Relaxation in the Middle of the Franconian Wine Country.“

Our organic winery is located at the outskirts of Volkach, a town in the heart of the franconian wine country, beneath the romantic pilgrimage chapel “Maria im Weingarten”.

In this wonderful ambiance, surrounded by fruit trees and vineyards, lies our inspiration to manufacture wines with their own personality and strong character. In our opinion, the origin of every single wine should be tastable  and every wine has to taste unique and inimitable.

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Weingut Marienhof in Volkach am Main, Franken


We classify our wines in different segments, so you can select your wines in an uncomplicated way.  Mostly dry, our wines are divided in three categories:  Show More …

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How about spending your holiday at a place, where the grape vines grow? The “Mainschleife” around Volkach is one of the most beautiful regions in Franconia.
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Unser Weingut wird kofinanziert aus dem Europäischen Landwirtschaftsfonds für die Entwicklung des ländlichen Raums (ELER).

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